How strong is

Vinyl fencing is strengthened during extrusion with impact modifiers, exceeding the necessary requirements for optimum performance.

Will turn yellow or deteriorate like resin patio furniture?

No. Vinyl fencing contains a non-chalking titanium dioxide (TiO2), high grade stabilizers, plus other ingredients that prevent ultraviolet degradation. It is warranted against discoloration and field proven to maintain its original color.

Well crack, chip, peel, rot or fade?

No. This is also covered by the transferable, limited lifetime warranty.

How does Vinyl Fencing stand up in the wind?

It withstands wind tunnel tests up to 110 mph without internal post support. Easily installed internal post supports can provide even greater wind load resistance where needed.

Does Vinyl Fencing become brittle in winter?

Most vinyl fencing does become somewhat less flexible in colder weather, but it will not break or crack with normal use. It is specifically engineered to accommodate normal temperature swings.

How do you clean Vinyl Fencing?

A mild detergent and water should be sufficient to keep your vinyl fence looking new.  “Soft scrub” or baking soda works well on tough stains. Simple green and super fine steel wool (0000) works well on extra stubborn stains.

How does Vinyl Fencing hold up to weed eaters?

Use caution with any type of machinery and equipment near fence posts, especially commercial trimmers. All vinyl and wood products can be damaged by direct contact with lawn and garden equipment.

Will Vinyl burn?

Vinyl is officially classified as “Self-Extinguishing.” It has a flash point of approximately 900 degrees and does not easily ignite.

Do you cement in the posts?

Yes, post footings are typically 42” deep.

Will Vinyl Fencing mildew or collect mold?

When subjected to extended damp weather, it could collect mold or mildew. The non-porous surface is easily cleaned however, with a mild solution of household detergent and water.

What is the cost of Vinyl Fencing compared to wood?

A comparable quality wood fence, such as #1 grade clear cedar or grade “A” redwood (along with a periodic, wood-preservative spray to maintain it) often costs more than vinyl.

Can you make gates from the product?

Yes. Gates are made from the same material used for the fence. Qualified fabricators use a variety of special techniques to produce strong, long-lasting gates.

Can I get custom styles?

Yes. Virtually any style can be made from vinyl.

How tall can I make a fence?

As tall as it needs to be. We recommend that any fence over 6’ tall have the posts reinforced. Always check with local building codes.

What about graffiti?

Vinyl fencing is fairly easy to clean and most graffiti comes off with just a little effort. We recommend Simple Green detergent and a soft cloth. With more severe cases, use 0000 steel wool (super fine), either by itself, or with Simple Green. In extreme cases, use lacquer thinner, and dry quickly with a soft cloth.