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Shower Stalls

There is nothing more revitalizing than taking a shower in the backyard. The outdoor showers have the reputation of being an extravagant luxury, it is a great investment and can add to the potential value of the home. According to the realtor.com report of 2018, homes that have outdoor showers and shower stalls tend to list higher than the asking price.

When selecting the perfect shower stall for your house, it is important to know the purpose. Is it for washing muddy or sandy feet? Is it to give a bath to your dog? Is it for cooling after a walk on the beach? Is it for a quick dip in the pool? The answer to these questions will help you decide what kind of shower stall is needed. The best place to install the shower stalls is on the side of the house as it offers easy access to the already existing cold and hot water lines. Also, when deciding on the location of shower stalls, it is crucial to check the drainage as failure to take care of drainage might lead to a flooding problem. As each region has different regulations regarding outdoor showers, it is critical to consult local codes to determine whether you need to dig a proper one.

If the outdoor shower stall is complete with walls and doors, it can be used for everyday showers. This will make your daily routine very special. Undoubtedly, showering outside is exhilarating. The combination of light summer breeze, warm water, and the chirping of birds is exhilarating.

Vinyl fencing.ca outdoor shower stalls are easy to assemble because the parts fit together.

Doors can be easily mounted on the right or left side and hinged on the right or left side. We offer customized shower stalls in various styles, designs, and colors to choose from. Our team of experts will help you select the design that blends with your garden design and home exterior. Our vinyl shower stalls are available in white, tan, wood grain, and gray colors to choose from.

Why choose vinyl shower stalls:

The vinyl shower stalls can be cleaned with a hose and don’t require much maintenance. They retain their color and you need not worry about repainting or staining.

  • Vinyl is stronger and won’t decompose or rust. It lasts for decades as vinyl doesn’t absorb moisture and doesn’t peel or rot.
  • If you live in an area with high winds, vinyl shower stalls are a perfect choice. They are sturdy and flexible.
  • Most vinyl shower stalls come with a lifetime warranty, that provides you with comfort and confidence that your fence can withstand harsh weather.

Contact us and our team of experts will get in touch with you and help you select the best design and installation.