Green information

Most people believe that vinyl products are bad for the environment. But it is far from the truth. In reality, do you know that vinyl is one of the greenest materials used for fencing? Vinyl takes little resources and energy to produce and the manufacturing cost is much less than metal and wood fences. In fact, you need not cut even a single tree to make vinyl fences. Also, as vinyl fences are extremely durable and last a lifetime, they require less replacement which in turn means less use of resources over time. is an ardent believer and supports sustainable building and manufacturing practices with its comprehensive line of environmentally friendly fence, railing, and deck products. fence, railing, and the deck are 99% recyclable therefore, you can be sure that they won’t end up in a landfill if you ever have to get rid of them. Rather, they would be upcycled and simply become a part of something else. Our composite railings are made of 40-75% recycled material and also our vinyl products at least contain 10% internally recycled material. Besides, fence, railing, and deck products come with a lifelong warranty so it means less reproduction, transportation, and distribution costs which together help in conserving energy and reducing pollution.

Our vinyl fencing or decking or railing products don’t need any VOC-loaded paints or chemical treatments. Our products maintain their beauty without using any of these treatments whereas, other fencing options require frequent refinishing or painting which contains a lot of chemicals and in turn harms Mother Nature.┬áIt is non toxic and is not harmful for your kids, pets and nature.

So, when you decide to install vinyl fences from, you can relax and be sure that our fences are not only beautiful but also environmentally friendly. If you also love nature and are as environmentally conscious as us, make sure to inform your friends about how vinyl fencing is not just aesthetically pleasing and durable, but helps reduce the stress on our natural resources.