Vinyl pergola versus wooden pergola

Are you looking out for ways to enhance the beauty of your patio or entranceway? If you like spending time outdoors, there is nothing better than a beautiful pergola in your patio. A pergola is a great way to separate the areas of the garden or yard and assures seamless transition with the outdoor living space. The two most common materials that pergolas are made are wood and vinyl. The wooden pergola is a thing of passé, and the latest trend is vinyl pergola. If being trendy is not enough for you to go for a vinyl pergola and you are confused which material to choose to give your home the needed decorative element, read below to know why vinyl pergola wins the race:

1: Cost

Wood pergolas are less expensive regarding materials, but the cost of labor and maintenance is quite high. While, on the other hand, vinyl pergola though expensive at first but the cost of installing and maintaining them is negligible. Thus, in the long run, vinyl pergolas prove to be a cheaper option.

2: Maintenance

Vinyl pergolas rarely require maintenance as they can withstand the harsh weather and don’t require frequent painting, unlike the wood pergolas that naturally weathers with age and require painting, sealing and staining after every few years. Also, just wash them with water or a good detergent and they will be as good as new.

3: Safe

With vinyl pergolas there is no danger of rotting or termites thus, they are completely safe. As the wood pergolas get infected by termites and get rotten with time, they become weak and the chances of accidents increase. But with vinyl pergolas, there is no risk as it stays strong for years to come.

4: Beautiful Design

Vinyl pergolas are available in a range of designs and sizes to choose from keeping your taste and personality in mind. On the other hand, wood pergolas are available in limited options only and most of the times you have to compromise in the terms of looks. We have an exclusive range of vinyl pergolas that are available in a range of shapes and sizes. From semi-shade rooftops to shade screen, square columns to round designs, our range is quite exhaustive. We specialize in building beautiful pergolas with the 8×8 structural post filled with the concrete to assure stability. We even have pergolas that stand 20 feet and up 16×24 structures with 2×8 structural steel and load bearing columns.

5: Strength

There is no doubt that vinyl is way stronger than wood and more resilient to rain, wind and other extreme weather conditions as it doesn’t warp, crack or split. Of the two options, the vinyl pergola is an ideal choice in comparison to the wooden pergolas.

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