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Disadvantages of Wood Fence

Wood fence has been a mainstay of the American landscape since Colonia Era, and there was a time when the choice of fence material was limited to only wood. If you still are considering choosing wood fencing, hold on. Answer this simple question, who gets to see the beautiful and bright side of the wood fence? Your neighbors! And who feels the brunt of the maintenance? You as you are the one who see the cracks and ugly side.

Here are some of the disadvantages of choosing wood fences that might force you to change your decision:

1: Heavy maintenance

The biggest drawback of installing the wood fencing is the heavy maintenance of wood. Yearly maintenance is necessary to keep the wood fence in good condition. You need to re-apply the paint or finish to reduce the rotting of the wood. The wood fence warps especially if it hasn’t been treated properly to resist temperature change and moisture. Therefore, you will have to treat the wood to resist warping and decay.

2: Termite attack

Wood fence are highly vulnerable to termites and attract pests that can put your valuable home at the risk of termite exposure. The termite can then spread to your garage or home and your whole neighborhood.

3: Expensive

The wood fence is not only expensive to install, but you need to spend a considerable amount of money to upkeep the wood fence. But as wood is prone to decay you will need to replace the wood fences after every few years. The life of wood is between 5 to 10 years depending on the weather conditions, quality, and type of wood and maintenance.

4: No warranty

Keeping the nature of wood into consideration, there is no warranty on the wooden fence. Thus, in the case of something goes wrong within a few months of installation, you have to bear the burnt. On the other hand, most vinyl fencing companies give  warranty.

5: Tree Slaughter

If you support ‘Go Green’ initiative, then you should be staying away from the wood fence. Only a tree slaughter will love to install the wood fence in their garden.  Otherwise, people prefer to go for vinyl fence as they are eco-friendly. Also, with technological advancements you can easily find vinyl fences that closely resemble wood stains and finish.

If you want to avoid all these inconveniences you can opt for the vinyl fences as they are affordable, come in the variety of styles, designs, and finish and virtually needs no maintenance. Once you have installed the vinyl fence, just spray clean them or use a mild soap solution to wipe them clean, and you and your neighbors will always get to see well-maintained and neat fencing.