Everybody loves to have some privacy in their life.  What is the best way to achieve privacy? You don’t have to build concrete walls or solid steel structures to meet this objective.  There are wide ranges of privacy screens available which are made of wood, metal, and vinyl. These screens can be used intelligently to add privacy and also give an added appeal to the interior or exterior look of your home. Selection of the above will depend on your personal taste, but if you are looking for affordable, durable, maintenance free privacy screens, then vinyl privacy screens are the best pick.




Why Vinyl-fencing.ca?

The company Vinyl-fencing.ca is into  manufacturing different type of fencing screens since 1992 and also engaged in offering installation and repair services.  Competent prices, zero maintenance, prompt service and professional expertise make the company different from rest of the bunch. They are offering its services in Southern Ontario, including Toronto and Niagara Region. Vinyl Fencing can certainly add the value to your property.

What are the advantages of Vinyl privacy screens?


The paramount feature of vinyl privacy screens, they are lifetime durable, lightweight and available in multiple colors matching to your home interior and outdoor layout.  It might be little more expensive when compared to wooden screens, but it has more durability and last a lifetime.  They are versatile and hence the additional cost is justified.

Choice of selection:

Wooden screens may be having limitations in color and design.  But with vinyl, you can pick from the wide assortment to match your requirements in terms of color, size, shape, patterns. We are ready to customize the vinyl screen as per your requirements to improve the overall appeal of your property.

All weather resistant:

Vinyl privacy screens are all weather resistant. It can challenge any harsh weather conditions, be it rain, hot summer, snow, etc.  Hence, you can confidently use vinyl screens for outdoor fencing.  You cannot have this kind of all weather resistant features if you are using wood or iron fencing.  Not only that, you don’t need to do any weather protection treatment for vinyl screens.  No painting or polishing is required.


Using vinyl privacy screens improves the aesthetic look of your property.  The vinyl fencing can be used in outdoor or indoor to add privacy.  These fencing screens are lightweight, easy to dismantle, and hence are easy to shift from one location to other.  We all love to live side by side with our neighbors, but if they are too close to our deck or yard space, it may reduce our level of comfort because we certainly want to have some more privacy.

People always, sometimes in their life might have thought to have little more privacy in their life.   We can achieve little more privacy by fixing some independent structure, which can be easily dismantled, or installed at our convenience.   You can have beautiful vinyl privacy screens which are available in different colors and designs from

www.vinyl-fencing.ca at an affordable price.