Vinyl Arbor

On a beautiful day, nothing is better than enjoying the outside with a book or a glass of wine or chatting with a friend. When you think of a perfect outdoor space, you think of a porch, deck, pool, and patio. But we often overlook arbors. Arbors originated in early Roman and Egyptian gardens and have an old-school charm.

An arbor is a freestanding and open structure with two sides and a top that is supported by two or four posts. It surely is an eye-catching structure and a great addition to any outdoor space. It can give your garden a timeless and classic look. It would not be wrong to say that an arbour is a great way to create a focal point in the garden space.

The best way to enhance your entryway with zero maintenance is by installing a vinyl arbor. Vinyl arbors add versatility to your property as there are endless options to choose from to ensure that it goes well with your setting. By incorporating vinyl arbors to your outdoor space, you can add greater dimension to your space and give each area its look and purpose and even give it a welcoming feel.

Arbor is also excellent support to climbing plants and it adds vertical garden space. It can act as a perfect place to train ivy, grapevines, honeysuckles, and roses. This adds to the beauty of the outdoor spaces and adds to the curb appeal.

Why vinyl Arbors:

  • Low on maintenance: You will not have to stain or paint your vinyl arbor again. It won’t warp, rot, discolor or crack. Our vinyl arbors are designed to look freshly painted, just hose them down to keep them clean.
  • Weather resistant: Vinyl arbors hold up well even in harsh Canada weather conditions, including high winds, snow, or even rain. High quality Vinyl arbors built by remain unharmed for years together.
  • Lifetime warranty: Our vinyl arbors Canada come with a one-time transferable lifetime warranty. So, even if you change your house, we would still work with the new homeowner and take care of any issues.
  • Easy to install: Vinyl arbors are simpler to install as they are made to fit perfectly. Our experts would come to your house and install the arbor within no time.
  • Classic look: If you like the classic wooden look and the thought of high maintenance of wooden arbors keeping you away from getting an arbor in your property, a wooden look vinyl arbor is your best choice. You can have vinyl arbors that mimic the look of painted wood.

At we offer customized arbor designs to blend with your exterior and taste. You can choose from simple and intricate designs keeping the design of your house and other structures in the garden in mind. We can surely help you set up the arbor of your dream, whether it is to add style to your yard or a place to grow your plants.